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Marketing on a shoestring budget

On Wednesday night I attended a Networx event called Marketing on a shoestring budget. It was a great night and I think everyone in the crowd learned some good tips and tricks to make a small marketing budget go further.

One idea that wasn’t really expanded on though was the value of good content. I think that if you are going to go to the effort of pulling together a website, some direct mail outs, or even a decent business card (which were all items given the thumbs up), then don’t forget that the right words can really seal the deal.

Hiring a professional copywriter – even for a few hours – can make a huge difference to your brand. We can help you focus your call to action, define a personality for your business, or even simply set up a style guide for you to follow when you write material yourself. In fact, a style guide is one of the most overlooked tools for a small business. Consistency in the way you write sends a message to your potential clients that you are professional and organised – qualities that are good for business!

What are your value-for-money marketing tools?

Start planning your content needs for 2010

It’s officially the downhill slide to the end of the year. The first Christmas party invites are starting to filter through, the weather is getting hotter and hotter (around here anyway), and there is a last minute push to get things done before everyone goes on holidays.

The savvy ones out there are also starting to think about their content needs for 2010. While it may be hard to do (with all the frivolity on the horizon), start having a think about:

  • What blog topics would you like to cover? Do some brainstorming and map out what you are going to cover for at least the first six months. You can always be flexible (if something more timely or exciting crops up), but having a schedule makes it far less intimidating to keep up to date with posts.
  • What special events do you want to target with your business. Mother’s Day? Easter? The local show? If you plan ahead, you’ll give yourself enough lead time to write some cracking content to attract customers and generate sales.
  • Who really is your target market? If you haven’t done so already, start analysing your website traffic and metrics, develop some personas of your different types of visitors and target them with specific content.
  • Train your staff. We run some great Writing for the web workshops – contact us to find out more.

Small steps such as these will help prepare you for the year ahead. Then you’ll really be able to enjoy all those Christmas parties!

What will be on your content to-do list for 2010?

Technorati tuning

I’ve been having some problems with Technorati, basically because I’ve changed my blog URL since joining. The site doesn’t seem to pick up my new blog posts, so after much trial and error I am deleting my claim and re-claiming www.snappysentences.com/blog

To get this to work, they need a piece of code. Here it is: fvdq67ky8x

Fingers crossed this works 🙂