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Tops tips for newsletter writing

I’ve been reading Dean Rieck’s ProCopyTips for ages, so when he asked for guest posts I jumped at the chance.

Read my guest post: How to write engaging newsletter articles in 7 easy steps.

Remember to persuade the gatekeepers

Persuasive writing is all about understanding your target audience, their motives, their goals, and their problems (that you’ll hopefully solve with your product or service). By knowing all of these elements, you can shape content that will make them want to buy (or call, or register etc).

But one thing to keep in mind is quite often the end user of your product or service has one (or more) ‘gatekeepers’ that stand in the way of making a purchase. This is especially true if they are part of a larger organisation that could have complex approvals processes, procurement teams, or even purchasing policies to abide by.

  • Gatekeepers may want a different set of benefits from your product or service than the end user (such as value for money, locally made, or warranty)
  • Gatekeepers may receive their information in different ways than the end user.
  • Gatekeepers may also have gatekeepers.

The best thing that you can do is to not only understand your target audience, but also understand their gatekeepers. Make  it as easy as possible for them to persuade their gatekeepers why your product or service should be used.

Do this by:

  • Using scenarios that show the benefit of your product or service not just to the end user, but also to the gatekeeper.
  • Including fact sheets that can be downloaded and attached to procurement requests.
  • Include a ‘how to convince your boss’ section if appropriate. I like the one that Usability Week has.

What have been some gatekeeper hurdles that you have overcome?

If you ever need help persuading gatekeepers to buy your product or service, get in contact with me and we’ll work out a plan of attack.

What’s your favourite copywriting book?

I’ve got a sneaky little side project on the go. Very exciting.

Without giving anything away, it has something to do with books. Real books.

My question to you is:

What’s your favourite copywriting, usability, information architecture, writing for the web, or content strategy book?

Let me know.