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Intranet redevelopment planning 101

I’ve recently been appointed as the Project Manager for a large intranet redevelopment (yes, another one). Part of the redevelopment will be the implementation of a web content management system (WCMS). I’ve now got a couple of these types of projects under my belt, but as they usually take so long (due to the size of the sites), it’s always good to sit down and re-visit some great intranet/cms resources. Here are my favourites:

Step Two Designs

Definitely the leaders in all things intranet, KM, and CMS, James Robertson and his team provide an invaluable insight in what to do and what not to do with these types of projects. The best thing about their site is the abundance of useful articles and papers, most of which are free to view.

Mark Morrell – the BT intranet guy

Mark is lucky enough to work in an organisation where the value of a good intranet is recognised and cherished. He takes you through different redesigns, enhancements, and general observations on how to manage a large intranet. Well worth the read.

AGIMO better practice checklist – Implementing a CMS

Even though it has a government focus, it’s still a really useful checklist that you can also download as a PDF.

CMS watch

If you’ve got some money to spend, then CMS watch can be quite good. You have to pay for the detailed reports, but the blog can contain some useful info.

What other resources are out there? Please let me know.