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Contact Snappy Sentences

Hopefully you’ve looked through this site, seen the range of content strategy services I offer, and maybe had a browse through my portfolio. The next step is to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

You can either email me: info@snappysentences.com or call me on 0407 576 298 (please leave a message if I can’t get to your call).

Remember, I can help you:

  • Review, refresh and revitalise your website content – no matter how long it’s been neglected.
  • Train you or your staff how to write for the web so that you are equipped to maintain the content on your site.
  • Workshop and plan a content strategy for your business so you are engaging your customers effectively.
  • Develop strong selling points and clear calls to action for your site so customers buy your product or service.
  • Write other communication material including brochures, fact sheets and flyers.

Time frames

Please don’t leave it to the last minute to get in touch. I usually have a constant flow of work, so you  need to give me enough notice to add your project to my schedule. And by enough notice I mean two weeks minimum (but more often than not, six weeks).

Can we meet for coffee?

I often get asked if I can meet for coffee to discuss a project. Please don’t be offended if I say no. I am happy to have a chat on the phone (or even Skype), but if I met face-to-face for every project opportunity I would never get any work done! Sometimes I make an exception to this rule, but it’s usually only for very large projects. If your project requires some on-site time, let me know when you brief me and I’ll build it into my time estimate.

Speak to you soon!