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Getting content marketing done

This post was anonymously written as part of Blog Secret Santa. There’s a list of all Secret Santa posts, including one written by me, on Santa’s list of 2013 gift posts. I have to apologise for the tardiness in getting this post up. I’ve been working on some behind-the-scenes things on this site which caused the delay.

Enjoy the post!


This post is written by a secret admirer from the USA who has always loved all things Australian.

AU, the postal abbreviation for Australia also stands for Gold, and for Access and Understanding.

Content Marketing and content is all about communications. These are the days when the internet can amplify your message- or someone else’s in the click of a mouse, and not one of those little Tasmanian ones, but the digital kind.

Access- the internet is the great equalizer. Worldwide. Every person and every business has access to the same amount of screen space as anyone else. How does a small company compete?

Understanding -knowing your marketplace, your competitors and most of all, knowing the needs and hangouts of your clients. This is where content comes in.

Content is King. These days, you are what you publish. Targeted marketing, supplemented by content of value makes for happy customers and repeat visits. Repeat visits to your sites makes for a basis for establishing relationships and a propensity toward doing business.We all still prefer to do business with people/businesses where we know something about them.

There is one simple key to getting content marketing done.In the words of that famous running shoe company……Just Do It.Really.

Write Regularly; if you have a blog – make an appointment with yourself to update it – even if its only 300 words once a week – at least you’re keeping your appointments and writing regularly.

Write Topics of Interest; your prospects and your clients will look to you to set a good example and to be relevant to their needs

Write with Passion; if you care, your blog is a great place to show it. Posts over time reveal a lot about the personality and interests of the leadership team or owner if you’re a one person band.

That’s Right,www.BLOG gets it done.Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Write!

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