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New Year resolutions for your content

It’s only six or so weeks until the end of the year. Which means everyone will start making New Year resolutions. Now I don’t normally make any personal ones, but I think it’s good to make some content ones. Here are some for you to consider.

Lose weight

If your website is bloated with stale and out-of-date content, then get rid of it. It weighs your site down, reduces the user experience, and clogs up your search engine.

Get healthy

Make an effort to produce quality content for your site. Sure it takes a little extra time, but you’ll be giving a better first impression to potential customers who visit your site.


Revive your blog and get into the habit of regular posting. Brainstorm some topics, expand these topics into related topics, draw up a schedule, and commit to the program. As your blog fitness increases, consider writing some guest posts for other sites.

Give up bad habits

Stop cutting and pasting printed marketing material onto your web pages. The content needs to be re-purposed for the web. And no more bad linking – make your links meaningful and refrain from using ‘click here’.

Take the time to listen

Get to know your target market better. Stop assuming that they’ll read your content, instead find out what motivates them, what sites they are visiting, and why they really need your product or service.

Be generous

Give something for nothing. Whether it’s an ebook, some handy templates, or a free trial of your product – you’ll win some new customers in the process.

Improve your social life

Twitter is a great education tool. Take the time to read some of the articles that get tweeted by the people you follow. You’ll learn how to improve your content and your business.

What are your New Year content resolutions?

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