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Content strategy services

Snappy Sentences is all about content. Content on a website, content for publications, content that sell, content that informs. I work with:

  • agencies who need to out-source content strategy activities – either because they don’t have a content strategist on staff, or they are experiencing a busy period and need someone to pick up the overflow
  • medium-sized businesses that need someone to come in and professionally write web content, newsletters, or brochures
  • larger companies with unwieldy websites that need a content strategy (which may include site audits, stakeholder workshops, style guide development or a governance model)
  • any business that wants to define and refine content goals.

Content strategy development

Don’t know why you are on the web? Current content out of control? Need help setting up your web processes?  If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then engage me as your content strategy consultant to:

  • analyse your current content situation in terms of target audiences, competitors, and unique selling points
  • develop clear content goals for your organisation
  • write key messages and content strategy statements
  • identify (and develop) the tools you need to manage your content (such as style guides, publishing workflows, taxonomies, and governance models).

Web copywriting

Want content that converts? I will work with you to develop sizzling web copy that is easy to read, appropriate for your audience, and optimised for search engines. I can review existing pages, write banner ads, develop landing pages – whatever you need.

In-house writing for the web training

Let me develop tailored writing for the web training for your communication team, in-house copywriters, content authors, or web producers. Whether it’s a short presentation or full-day workshop, I can teach you best practice web writing techniques, help you understand more about your audience, and can give you insight on search engine ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’.

Web content style guides

I’ll write you a best practice style guide for your content – a must if you are implementing a decentralised authoring model for your website. Plus I’ll keep it short and snappy – so people actually use it! One or two pages that can be included in training manuals or pinned up on the wall for quick reference. If you already have a style guide that is gathering dust somewhere: let me review it, condense it, and give it new life so you can implement it.

Offline content (call centre scripts, advertising, brochures, newsletters and publications)

I’ve written all kinds of material, for all kinds of businesses, in all kinds of industries! I can write something from scratch, or simply polish and refine existing content.

Talk with me and find out how I can help your business reach its goals. Simply contact Snappy Sentences to request a time estimate for your project.